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Grief Counseling/Workshops

Grief Counseling

 At O'Fallon, IL Grief Counseling"Horizon Hope Counseling, we offer many types of counseling services, including Grief Counseling.  Many individuals need to sit with someone and process the pain and loss of the grief that they are feeling that is often associated with the death of a family member or significant person in their lives.  Sometimes, traumatic events necessitate the need for Grief Counseling, as well.  Other times in an individual's life, they may experience loss due to major life changes  due to occupation, location, or other major events.  

During these transitional times, it is important to process the greif cycle, no matter the cause.  We are here to help you through the difficult events of life, and will work with you through this process.  If you need Grief Counseling, please contact one of our counselors to make an appointment. (See the Contact Us page.)


Life Support/Celebrate Recovery Group

The Life Support/Celebrate Recovery Group meets on Friday nights from 8:00-9:30 PM at St. Matthew United Methodist Church, 1200 Moreland Dr., Belleville, IL.  There is no cost to participants because St. Matthew UMC has partnered with Horizon Hope Counseling  to provide the therapists and space for this group.  Some issues/topics of discussion may include: stress/anxiety, loss/grief, depression, relationships, pain, addiction.

Horizon Hope Participating Therapists:
John Frisbie, LCPC     [email protected]   618-792-8256
Rick Fagan, LPC       [email protected]     618-444-6313

Michael Stier, LCPC  [email protected] 314-399-8808
Katie Kibort, LPC, NCC   [email protected]   618-406-8857

Life After Loss Workshop

We offer a Three Week Study to consider the ways in which we react to and respond to loss in our lives.  Loss is about death, but  is more than the loss of a loved one.

Loss includes many aspects of change which occur in lives on a variety of levels including health, occupation, home, moving, etc. Come gain knowledge and perspective on how we find meaning in the midst of upheaval during change in our lives. God gives us the capacity to rediscover the path which lies ahead.  

To Schedule a Workshop, call Steve at 618-367-2194, or email at [email protected]


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